At this very moment in time and for a very long time now, I have been absolutely sore with Hollywood, the film industry and everyone else. The constant movie remakes that are being made and distributed over and over again is really doing my head in. I love a good film with a great storyline and awesome acting, but what I hate is to watch a film that was perfectly fine beforehand and then know it is being remade. There are certain remakes out there that should have been remade and has done a good job of it. Then there are those that should have been remade but there’s no sign of it. I’m sure you can figure all of those out. This has been going on for ages, Hollywood going abroad, finding films and americanising them or just simply trying to relive the glory days by remaking an older film and sticking a well known cast into it, expecting it to do well in the box office. Actors can’t hold up a film alone you know. But that’s not the full blast of it.

The trend now is Reboots. Finding a film and simply rebooting it. New storyline, new cast, usually taking you back to the beginning. But as usual, most of the reboots planned are of film franchises they just can’t let go of. One of them being the ‘Spiderman’ franchise.

Now I love Spiderman, just in general, like I wish he was real! (lol). When the first spiderman film came out, It was the best sight I had ever seen. Spiderman on the big screen and this actor I never knew much about (Tobey Maguire) WAS Peter Parker & Spiderman. They couldn’t have chosen a better person. Spiderman 2 was even better and Spiderman 3 was just amazingly great. Some say 2 was better than 3, give or take they were both awesome films. Tobey Maguire sold it, if you can sell a film, then you are certainly doing something right.

After Spiderman 3, there was so much hype about there being a part 4, 5 and possibley 6 featuring Carnage, Lizard, Electro, Rhino and others, then the news came that Tobey Maguire had quit because Sam Raimi had left. Now instead of just leaving the franchise there and accepting the Spiderman trilogy, Marvel has decided to reboot Spiderman and go back to his younger days. When first hearing this, it was quite depressing, but ideas started to roll in and the names Jake Gyllenhaal and Kevin Mchale popped in my head who I could see as Spiderman and Peter Parker (You have to chose someone you see playing both characters as they are totally different, even Shia LaBeouf is mentionable). Andrew Garfield was chosen. Kudos to him but I personally don’t see him as both. He’s a great actor, and has a lot of great movies coming up, but I just don’t see the suit fitting that well. I’m not really that sore with Garfield though, it’s Marvel in my path of destruction. It does hurt to see Spiderman being rebooted because it’s such a classy film. There really isn’t any need. Rebooting the ‘Hulk’ was a good idea, rebooting Spiderman, not such a great idea.

According to Stan Lee mentioned that “Tobey IS Peter Parker. I love him and what he did for Spider-Man!” Also when asked about what he thought about Andrew Garfield as the new spidey he said “I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a radical departure and I hope it does well. I remember when they said they were going to hire Tobey Maguire to play Spider-Man and everbody thought that was the worst idea in the world but it turned out great. I’m hoping this will be the same thing. A lot of fans are against it, I hope it will turn out great” – I agree with Lee so much here, but everyone needs to remember that when Maguire took the role for Spiderman, there wasn’t any before. Maguire MADE the name for Spidey on the big screen. Also the other characters are going to be replaced. Can they really find someone else other than J.K Simmons to play JJ?

I don’t see the reboot being any better. It may turn out to be a good film (I won’t knock it until i’ve seen it) but I honestly don’t see it being better than the original.