Marvel seem to have their hands full with loads of new releases coming up in the next few years and a couple of reboots at hand. Floating around in mid air is the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, that doesn’t have a cast just yet… But I have.

I thought it would be a bit of fun to play around and find some candidates I think would be suitable for the roles.

Ioan Gruffudd was perfect for the role of Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards. Unfortunatly with reboots, everything must go. So to replace Gruffudd, Wentworth Miller (with hair) would be my number one choice. Reed Richards has to be intelligent, scientifically geeky yet super fit at the same time. Miller has all of the qualities to take the role as Mr Fantastic, plus he looks very similar to him too! He just needs to grow his hair like back in the day, add a little grey streak at the side and Bob’s your uncle. I do believe that he has the ability to play a super hero. Failing at becoming the next Superman in ‘Superman returns’, this is the perfect super hero role for Miller.

The Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm has to also be intelligent, sexy and slightly dominating especially towards Reed Richards. Jessica Alba did have all these qualities and played the part extremely well. This is most likely the reason why they had chosen Alba to play the part even though the blonde hair didn’t sit very well.

Two awesome actress’ came to mind when thinking about Sue Storm. Ali Larter and Katherine Heigl. Larter best known for ‘Final Destination’, ‘Heroes’ and most recently ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ acting alongside Wentworth Miller, she has the look and the badassness to be the Invisible Woman. Katherine Heigl also has the look and badassness, but she also has that innocent, dominating “if you don’t put it down, i’ll make it invisible” attitude to roll with it. Both suiting, if any of them were to get the role, I would be a happy bunny.

Swiftly, let’s move onto “ladies man” Johnny Storm, brother to Sue Storm. Chris Evans was a perfect match as the Human Tourch. Cheeky, fun, mischievious and super hot. You could literally see the steam coming off the guy. It was quite difficult to place an actor that would suit the role. Yes there are a lot of young, fit actors out there, but with this role, you can’t just chose anyone. He has to bring that spark to light. Now if Chris O’Donnell looked a little younger, he would have been my first and only choice to play the part. Evans and O’Donnell are sort of the same type of actor with the same cheeky charm. I did eventually round it off to two… Ryan Gosling and Chris Pine. Can you feel that heat!?

Last but not least, there’s the huge, rock like thing… the Thing. Michael Chiklis (‘The Shield’) was awesome as Ben Grimm. Cuddley yet hardcore hulk-like and everyone loved the love-hate relationship between himself and Johnny Storm. Rumour has it that for the reboot, they want to make the Thing in CGI instead of the whole suit thing. It’s also rumoured that Twentieth Century Fox wants Bruce Willis to voice the role. If this is true, this would be brilliant because he is the perfect candidate for the Thing. He’s rough, tough, sympathetic in a hard guy kind of way, plus he’s bald! How much better can it get? Even if it’s just for the voice, Bruce Willis brings these characteristics through his voice, which is very distinctive.

Nothing has been set in stone for the reboot yet, but hopefully the news should be coming by soon about the director, producer and cast, also a title. I’m not a huge fan of reboots, but let’s see what happens with this one. Will it happen and be a success like the ‘Incredible Hulk’? or will it just fall through?