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After much delay, I was finally able to grab two of my mates and make the humorous trek to the cinema, to watch Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp onscreen together (yes… together) in their new film ‘The Tourist’.

The fact that it was Jolie and Depp together in a film for the very first time, was very appealing. Two world class actors, what could go wrong? Well it didn’t do as great as it should have at the box office and it received mixed reviews (maybe because the lads were too busy watching Jolie rather than the film and the ladies couldn’t keep their mouths closed while Depp was on screen… I on the other hand, have self control). I must say I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best film they’ve ever made, but it’s watchable and I will be investing in the DVD.

So what is ‘The Tourist’ about? Frank (Depp) is an American tourist on a trip to Europe to mend his broken heart. On his trip, he unexpectedly stumbles across Elise (Jolie) who through a little flirtation, had deliberately crossed his path to land them both in a deadly game. Directed by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck.

Many who watched the film mentioned that the scenery was breathtaking, as it was set along the amazing sights and sounds of Paris and Venice, but the plot was slow and lacked chemistry. I’ll tell you why I liked it.

1. I loved the way it was set around Venice (mostly) because when the cat and mouse chase began, running around Venice felt like I was watching Lara Croft from the old Tomb Raiders again. It also displayed how beautiful the place is. There wasn’t as much action as I had expected because I honestly thought this was another film where Jolie was a bad ass and there would be punches flying, but it wasn’t. In fact Elise was a woman with a plan, on a mission.

2. Having Jolie (the female character) as the main course and Depp (the male character) as the “damsel in distress” was quite exciting. A change which worked quite well. It’s too predictable and gets boring after a while when characters in a film have the same, typical structure, so the swap I really enjoyed.

3. The plot had a few flaws but not that many to class it as a bad film. It does have a good twist. It’s one of those films where you think you’ve figured it out, then you get thrown off (in this case you get thrown way off!) and then it comes back around and hits you bang in the face like a boomerang, or in my case the nachos and popcorn that went flying past my face (I can’t take them anywhere! You know who you are). It makes you think and wonder quite a bit.

4. Chemistry wise, I think because of the whole ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ thing and that it’s Jolie and Depp onscreen together, audiences expected too much from them, in the chemistry department. We will never have another ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ moment like that again. The chemistry between Frank and Elise was a tad bit weird sometimes, like it didn’t make that much sense, it looked as if it was rushed and just chucked in for good measure. But there were some great parts. The best way to describe their chemistry is… cheeky cheese. You laugh, smile and go “aww” at them. I think, because of Frank’s character, cheeky cheese worked and sort of suited the whole arrangement. It all becomes quite clear in the end (so go watch it). 

In the end, it was a great film, I just personally believe that too much was expected. It’s a movie you’ll either love or hate I guess. I know there will be quite a few who will disagree. It’s taken me a long time to finally go and watch it and well, it was worth the wait. It’s sophisticated and quite slick in a glossy way. There was so much going on at the box office at the time it was released, I would say bad timing, but it’s done pretty well. I would love to see Jolie and Depp onscreen together again… it works!