Barbie and Ken

One of the most famous couples of all time could be getting back together this Valentines day. She’s blonde, has had many occupations and is desired by all. He’s also blonde and erm… well it’s Ken and Barbie.

They broke up in 2004 after a 43 year run. Ken’s just turned 50 and his plan is to win Barbie back. Using Twitter and Facebook (not too sure how he does it) he’s been trying to get the world to vote at whether or not they should get back together.

To be honest, as much as they were the Brad and Angie of the “living in the toy box under the bed” world, Barbie was essentially no good for him. She played the field. Those days when she was a Doctor and had to work those “late night shifts”, really, she was over by Action Man’s house, testing out his new motor bike. When she was going horse riding, she was really going to check out Max Steele’s new parachute. Going to the beach with Shelly and Skipper was the worst excuse! Blaine was her main reason. She treated Ken like dirt. We all know, we were all there! Why is he trying so hard to get her back? Apparently, the two became close again after filming Toy Story 3. Who wouldn’t? There was chemistry between them, but too much heat can be quite damaging.

Ken has come back as a new, fresh “boyfriend material” version called “Sweet talkin’ Ken”. He basically says whatever you want him to say, typical. Ken doesn’t realise he’s being used. To be honest, Ken is to blame for the break up. He tried too hard to be something he’s not, whereas Blaine was just some dude who had nothing to do but hang out at the beach. Barbie can be too… plastic. They were forced together. In reality, he should move one. There’s so many dolls in the toy box, he’s got a great choice, in mine anways.

Find out the results on whether they return as couple on Monday. Poor Ken should have dated Cindy when she was around, I know she wasn’t the best doll around, but atleast she wasn’t always preoccupied with her career like Barbie. I’m only looking out for Ken’s best interest.