Glee The Warblers

For those who may not have known by now, yes The Warblers have their own album! Out today (in the UK) it truly is one of Glee’s best albums. I will not deny I did run out and grabbed my copy of it.

The Warblers were firstly introduced to us in season two at Dalton Academy where Kurt has now resorted to after leaving the glee club and McKinley High. Finding love in Blaine, it’s obvious that Kurt has definitely got himself a keeper. Anyways back to the album.

The Warblers are not just a glee club. It’s a glee club filled with male vocals (and faces) without the use barely any instruments if not, at all. It’s really that good; I’m still trying to figure out if I hear any instruments or if it’s all mouth. They’ve become a godsend to Glee and popular to those who wasn’t really interested in Glee in the first place. Yes all those who hated Glee are slowly being pulled in by the sensual, creative voices of The Warblers. Glee is about to rule the world.

The album features songs performed by the male vocal group in season 2 with favourites such as ‘Bills bills bills’, ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘When I get you alone’, ‘Misery’, ‘Raise Your Glass’ and many more.

One of my favourites from the album is the 1981 hit ‘What kind of fool’ originally sung by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. It’s quit different to what the Warblers usually sing (Top 40 as Kurt would describe it). Blaine (Darren Criss) lends a very soft and sensual, sexy vocal on the track with the rest of the members giving it a slight Motown-ish feel to it.

Neon Tree’s ‘Animal’ and Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’ are two joyful tracks. The Warblers give them both an even more hyper feel to it. They’re one of those songs where when you listen to them, you can’t help but jump up and down, dancing, with a happy, summery feeling. ‘Raise Your Glass’ is a very “Glee” song, with the lyric “Raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways” but the Glee club would not have done the song as much justice as The Warblers did.

‘Teenage Dream’ must be spoken of. It was one of the first songs we heard the Warblers sang that melted not only Kurt, but me and probably everyone else. It was a great and creative take on the Katy Perry hit (which I just wasn’t really into in the first place) but after hearing the Warblers tenderise it, it’s become a household song (their version) It’s also a reminder of how much The Warblers has given to Glee to help it become even more popular than it was before.

Whether or not you like Glee, this album is pure genius and appeals to anyone who likes real, good music. Some interesting choices and amazing vocals, It’s a hit!

Here’s a little taste of what to expect… Enjoy!