Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

I’m going to be totally honest as I always am. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jude Law’s. Yeah I’ve seen a few films he’s been in but, he didn’t really jump my bones. I’m not saying he can’t act, he can, he just wasn’t someone I got excited about. I did love his performance in Enemy at the Gates and the Road to Perdition. However, after watching Repo Men, I’ve developed a new liking for him. Now it’s a must that I go back and investigate his other films, including the hyped remake Alfie.

Repo Men hasn’t really been advertised much, or at all. It didn’t recieve many great reviews either, for what reason I do not know. It’s a fairly recent film too, released in 2010. What caught my attention was the synopsis and cast as it reminded me of Fortress meets… (I had this conversation and forgot the other film I compared it to… darn it!) Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga (the chick from I Am Legend) and Liev Schreiber, Repo Men is set in the futuristic world where artificial organs can be bought on credit, however when the time comes to make thier monthly installment, if they can’t pay up, the organs are then literally repossessed. Remy (Law) and Jake (Whitaker) are best friends who has lived their whole lives together and work for the company as repo men, however when knock out 3 occurs (you’ll understand it in a bit), Remy is then forced to purhcase a new heart. After falling behind on payments, the cat and mouse chase begins with his best friend in the loop because “a job’s a job”.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

Repo Men is an adaptation of the novel “Repossession Mambo” by Eric Garcia which is often reffered to throughtout the film. It can be said the film demonstrates jelousy, friendship, a little romance and what every good vs. evil flick is about… power, dominance and greed. The great thing about the story is it’s little humour and how it has a great twist at the end. Humour wise, Law and Whitaker provide most of it. Remy describes that he’s been knocked out on 4 separate occasions. Knock out 3 was evidently the cause of why he needed a new heart. Twist wise, if you’re not one of those who analyse films straight away on the first screening, you’ll have to watch it twice. It’s all about the mind.

To understand the ending, you’ve got to listen closely to the conversations and watch out for all of the little clues they send throughout the film, right from the beginning. Especially the adverts around the town. You’ll think it’s nothing but in the end it’ll ALL add up. The ending is weird and unusual, but fits the narrative if you understand it. I guess those who gave it a bad review just didn’t get it or was waiting for something more extravagant. I admit at first when I saw what I thought was the ending, I was a bit uncertain because of the “happy ending” aspect of it, but then it got exciting and tackled my brain. I like films that allows your brain to work harder. I’m trying my best here to explain without giving away the story.

The special effects where quite awesome too. Although it’s set in the future, it’s not too futuristic and is very convincing. I’m the one who enjoys gory movies and this is surely not one for the light hearted (pun not intended). When the repo men appear to get their gear back, trust me, there’s no mercy. Literally there are scenes where they just go in, and cut their open alive. Of course it’s their job. It does looks really realisitc though, which adds more fun to the film. One of the best scenes that will definitely get you cringing at some point is near the end where Law and Braga start to scan each others organs to get themselves off of the system. It’s quite saucy too.

Jude Law

I must say, Jude Law makes one great action hero and should take part in more of the macho action type flicks. He invites us into a brutal showdown that involves a couple of knives, an axe and a saw when his objective is the “pink door”. Liev Schreiber as always is cool and swifty in the type of role that we all associate him with. They chose the right pair to be best friends, Whitaker and Law had chemistry that worked and I’m sure they had loads of fun making the film.

I honestly love Repo Men and is going down as one of my favourite films. I don’t see why it was barely heard of and subjected to low ratings and reviews. It’s enjoyable, convincing and challenging. For those who haven’t seen it, I hope this will change your mind and you’ll give it a try.