Captain America, the last installment before The Avengers is hot on it’s heels gathering great reviews from it’s premiere. Comic-Con has landed which only means one thing… Exclusives! (and the full Avengers cast lined up on stage)

Marvel has begun their teasing process by releasing a teaser poster and website. The website doesn’t have much on it so far, but the great thing about it is that you can register to get updates and promotional material first. You can check out the website and register here. The poster bellow doesn’t give anything away, but it’s exciting because it’s only just the beginning.

The Avengers

Comic-Con is only the beginning. Now that Marvel has joined up with Disney, there is surely more to come from the Disney D23 expo next month. But for now, Marvel also left us a little something to get our juices flowing… The first teaser trailer, narrated by none other than Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson. Again, it’s not much, but it’s getting us talking. The Avengers is sure to be a blockbuster hit next Summer. May 4th… Bring it!