Snow White vs erm… Snow White?

If you don’t know by now, since the success of the more darker version of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, Red Riding Hood, it has almost become a must that our little fairytales that we all grew up with are brought back to the bring screen, not as an animation or child’s play, but as something we can all enjoy whether it’s really dark or just slightly dark.

There are two versions set to battle it out at the cinemas. There’s the Snow White and the Huntsman directed by Rupert Sanders and then there’s The Brothers Grimm: Snow White directed by Tarsem Singh. Both aiming to hit cinemas in 2012, they both have an impressive cast lined up, however Sanders’ version is catching my attention (and no it’s not because of Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth).

Firstly, looking at the posters below, Snow White is surely a bad ass, all geared up in armour with a sword. But it’s not just this, I think the cast lineup is better, including the 7 dwarfs. They’ve got Nick Frost, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone to mention a few. I’m not totally knocking the other Singh’s Snow White though. They could both turn out to be two brilliant films, but it’s hard not to sense the competition. Who will be a better Snow White? Kristen Stewart or Lily Collins? Who will be a better evil queen? Charlize Theron or Julia Roberts?… I’ll just be waiting around for the trailers.




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