Everyday I wake up asking myself out loud, “I wonder what’s new with the Avengers today?” It is literally on my mind 24/7. So when I find something out, It becomes a must that I share the exciting news and my insight. I am a journalist afterall.

So far there has been many set photos becoming available from the set of the Avengers, but now it has come to my attention that they are finally leaking out one of the most important apects of the franchise… their suits. From my favourite source of them all (movieweb.com) I found photos of Chris Evans dressed in a more modern Captain America suit, more or less like the outfit we are more familiar with. Baring in mind the costume from his personal film was from the 20th century, we are now seeing a much more slimmer, looking much lighter and smoother suit. This is obviously due to the fact he is not in the army serving his country through the war anymore, so he won’t needing all that armour. What do you think of the new Captain America? I think it’s quite fit and flattering, I like it… he got got a hair cut too.