Make sure you’ve got a spare pair of undies because after this (or during), you may tinkle a little.

The Avengers official full length trailer is finally here! After months of little teasers and photos from the set, Marvel has now put enough footage together to give us what we all wanted. Since the film is being released May of next year, I’m almost sure this is just the first of a few more. You also get to see a tiny glimpse of The Hulk (finally) to ease our anxious minds.

With the Hulk, being the most in development and Marvel’s aim to give more depth to the character than the other Hulks we’ve had, it makes sense why we haven’t seen much from him. According to, the original Hulk from the series, Lou Ferrigno, will be voicing the Hulk in The Avengers… interesting yet awesome. Also, as much as everyone loved Edward Norton… I think Mark Ruffalo makes a pretty good Bruce Banner.

Anyways, enough has been said, watch, enjoy, and shout from the rooftops that The Avengers are coming!