[Enter Thin Lizzy] “The boys are back in town” Ok enough with the singing, although it is still a classic jam. Sony has finally (and I say finally because it has been too long) released their first trailer for none other than the alien ass kickers… The Men in Black… three. Not knowing anything about the plot, only that Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson was joining double decker trailer Will Smith and total legend Tommy Lee Jones, the original set obviously, the plot does become quite clear through the trailer.

As a popular story line, it’s all about time and Agent J going back in time to meet a younger, 1960’s version of Agent K who happens to be Josh Brolin. His reason for going back is that he finds out that agent K had been dead for 40 odd years, so he needs to go back in time to find the answers. So it’s kind of slightly taking the whole franchise into a Back to the Future direction.

What has got my imaginary balls tingling with excitment, is the fact that Josh Brolin is taking on the role of a younger and most likely more moody version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K. He’s got the look down, but can he get that distinctive, husky accent down to the bone? From that one line in the trailer… Hell yeah he has! Working together in No Country for Old Men, it must have been really fun being able to imitate such a defining character that Jones is.

With the release date set for Summer 2012, it’s going to have a lot of big dogs to fight off with the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers being released around the same time. I will not mention The Amazing Spiderman because we all know how I feel about that one.

Intrigued, hopeful and interested, I am. I just hope they have kept all the great characteristics and wise cracks the previous installments contained. Also is it me, or has any of the characters aged at all?

Men In Black 3 Official Trailer