As a huge Twilight fan, it’s almost a must that I indulge into anything that consists of the names Lautner, Stewart or Pattinson. This time round, it was Lautner.

Finally getting the chance to watch Abduction and not knowing much about the plot, I went in quite blindly which sometimes can be very interesting because it gives me a chance to figure out exactly what I’m dealing with, especially if the story line isn’t extremely clear. However, hmmm how can I put this… It turned out to be acceptable maybe? Some would see this as an overstatement. It basically kept me in my seat because I’m one of those who must finish watching a film once I’ve started it to find out how it ends. Though it is a thriller, so it is packed with action (teenage action-ish as it is a 12 rating so there isn’t anything super brutal with blood spilling everywhere and bones shattering in your face) so I think the action kind of acted like a glue to hold the film together because the plot it self, well, there were many flaws. It hurts to be so critical about Taylor Lautner’s first starring role since Twilight, when we all know there is so much more potential. And being compared to Matt Damon and the Bourne franchise constantly doesn’t help.  

So let’s make a start at the beginning. Abduction is about a high school student who basically finds out in a school project with his neighbour (and love interest) that he is a missing person; therefore his parents aren’t really his parents. So he goes on a journey to find out exactly why he is in this position with some obstacles on the way. Sigourney Weaver plays his psychiatrist, but also knows about everything as she knows his real parents. This is just laying the foundation.

My issues with the film comes like this… The first noticeable thing is that the story was very predictable. As it went on you just know what was coming next, like how he’s going to find out that those were not his parents (again making a reference to his looks, comparing him with Matt Damon, which isn’t a lie), that Sigourney Weaver was more than just a psychiatrist, the significant dreams he kept having and so on. Very predictable. It takes the fun out of guessing. Also, the fact that his parents were a different colour than him, made me question how serious this film really was going to be. But I managed to let that slide and carried on watching the film.

Another flaw which really got to me was the female character of Lily Collins. To be totally honest, there was just no reason what so ever for her to be featured in the film because there was no role. All she was there for was to be a love interest for Lautner (which had barely any chemistry, only a 3 minute make out session in the train just to remind the audience why she was there in the first place), fair enough, but she literally didn’t do anything except take a bunch of photos near the end of the film. She was just a damsel in distress that Lautner had to save all the time. I think without her, the film would have finished much quicker because he wouldn’t have had anyone to worry about. There would be no leverage or collateral.

It’s a real shame though that Sigourney Weaver wasn’t featured much in the film, as she’s been doing recently. She makes an appearance, then we don’t see or hear from her throughout the whole film and then she appears at the end. She’s been doing that a lot in many films recently. I want more Weaver! Before Angelina Jolie, there was Sigourney Weaver and still is. She is such a flawless actress, with so much going for her; she needs a film where she’s the main character, stop making cameos!

I don’t blame the actors really because there wasn’t really anything extraordinary to test their acting skills, especially Lautner, I blame the script, the plot. This sort of reminds me of Jennifer’s Body. The idea of the film sounded interesting, but the way it turned out was ridiculous. I must say Abduction wasn’t as bad as Jennifer’s Body.  

It wasn’t all bad though, as said before the action was quite decent, Lautner got the action hero treatment (running away from something blowing up/walking away from an explosion, take it how you want) and there were a few moments you would give off a little giggle. For me, I’m quite light hearted, giving everyone a chance, but if you’re one of those hardcore, thriller, action movie goers, don’t attempt to watch it, because you’ll probably burn your television.

Abduction Official Trailer