Quite like the other famous horror franchises such as, Saw and Scream, Final Destination has made its mark over the past decade. Just like any franchise, there’s always that “one” that just doesn’t sit right. For example, Final Destination 4, that shouldn’t have been made, was classed at the time as “The Final Destination”. The deaths weren’t as gruesome and exciting like the previous three and they were really and truly predictable. Final Destination isn’t supposed to be predictable. It’s supposed to play with your mind and keep you guessing so when a character dies in a certain way; you just never would have seen it coming. In my opinion, I think FD4 was rushed and the team were just really hyped up about how much money 3D features were raking in. So what could be better than a 3D horror? Watching blood and organs fly in front of your face. The thing is, the CGI stuff wasn’t all that good, and it just didn’t look real. Plus the story was just plain terrible. Now if they had waited around like Saw 7, then maybe just maybe it would have been a success. So after that disaster, I guess they just wanted to give the FD fans a better send off, wipe the slate clean and bring us back to the traditional feel of FD, with a little twist.

Final Destination 5 runs on the same sort of ground as the previous films. A young guy has a premonition of a disaster, in this case it’s on a bridge, then he warns everyone that something is about to happen, then the disaster happens and only a few survive, but that few will have to face death one by one in the order they were supposed to die in.


This FD has the look and feel of the first two, especially the first. Watching it quite blindly yet again, what other reviews failed to mention was that this is actually a prequel to the original. When watching the film at first it felt a tiny bit weird for the mere fact that with all the questions that came up and the investigations and even what the creepy coroner death guy who’s in every single one of them (you know who I’m talking about) had to say was quite confusing because of the fact that I believed everyone knew about the whole premonition thing. But in the end you realise that it’s a prequel going straight back to flight 180, now it all makes sense.


The great thing about FD5, like the first, it’s very intense, it keeps you quiet and in your seat waiting for that moment of death. And in 3D, it’s even better. Like me, I’m sure all FD fans are always curious about the deaths when we hear the news of a new Final Destination, because it’s what makes the film. You’re not watching it to see who has the premonitions or who dies first. It also has a little twist to change the story slightly of how to cheat death, but as always, you can’t cheat death for very long *hint hint*.

Very enjoyable, very intense, should go down in history as one of the best Final Destinations (I do still think the first and second were the best but this would be right behind) A great way to end the franchise; however I won’t be surprised if it were to suddenly resurrect in the near future. If it does, they should be careful and make sure it’s even better and not go down the road of FD4 again.

Final Destination 5 Official Trailer