Foreign film isn’t exactly my taste, not because of subtitles and all that malarkey, but because I never really know where to start. With a film that’s in English I can make my mind up there and then whether I want to watch it or not. Foreign film is a little different. I have seen a couple like the French classics Amélie and La Haine, which are two fantastic films and should be put on your “films to watch before I kick the bucket” list. Thanks to a good friend, who had figured me out, I have finally dived into the swimming pool, the shallow end, but it’s still a pool. My first stop, Korea!

Many argue that Hollywood has taken many foreign films, given them the Hollywood treatment and pawned them off as their own. Well, to fight fire with fire, you must do the same, and with My Girlfriend is an Agent, Korea certainly has.

Walking on a tight rope, 2009’s My Girlfriend is an Agent is the tale of an organized group who are after an advanced chemical weapon in Korea, but there are two secret agents on their tail. The first is Ahn Soo-ji, a master at all forms of martial arts. She’s the best in the business and has been working for a very long time. The other is her rookie boyfriend Jae-joon, who’s never done any of this before so you can just imagine how clumsy and awkward this guy can be. The best part is that they hate each other with a passion after their crazy break-up. Reason being that Soo-ji was always running off doing her secret missions, telling lies, trying to hide her identity and Jae-joon had no clue what was going on. However, they both have no idea that they are both secret agents, ring any bells?

Unlike Mr and Mrs Smith which had equal amounts of humour and action, this Korean take on the box office hit contains more humour, mostly based on the two main characters trying to rekindle their relationship and save the world simultaneously. I must say it is absolutely hilarious. Rather than focusing too much on the genre itself, Director Terra Shin focuses more on the character development, giving us more to look forward to with the main characters, especially when they are crossing paths. With that in mind, the action sequences are quite weak, but are still relevant because it really does play a minor role.

It’s more of a romantic comedy than action material and you really do forget about the whole secret agent thing once you get into the laughs. To sum it up, it’s like a cute, anime, slapstick comedy version of Mr and Mrs Smith with Jae-joon providing most of the humour. Don’t be put off by me saying that it’s like Mr and Mrs Smith as most probably will. Just know that if you want a good old laugh, and something to watch that’s light hearted, then this is defiantly the way to go. Starting off lightly with my first Korean film, I’m pleased.    

My Girlfriend is an Agent Official Trailer