The ladies man with the sensual, soothing tone of voice John Mayer is finally back after nearly a 3 yeah hiatus. Frankly, I’ve missed him like crazy despite all the media attention he had been developing about his relationship ups and downs since Jessica Simpson. I preferred it when I could Google his name and crazy stuff didn’t appear his ex’s and the fact that he’s now walking in Johnny Depp’s footsteps from The Tourist.

Anyways, the cover art for his new album Born and Raised was released today and I must say, it’s very different to his usual approaches. His other albums like Heavier Things, Room for Squares, Continuum and Battle Studies all contained some sort of photo of himself, but I guess he’s now moved on as he is a very established artist who has created a very huge dent in the music industry, so he is in a fantastic position to do so. We all know who he is, it’s time for some real cover art. With the old coins, medals and clock displayed, it’s very vintage, which is a great word to use to describe his genre of music. The colours and font also help the design stand out giving it that classic, vintage finishing touch. I really do love it and is my favourite compared to the rest. As a matter of fact, it may just be my favourite cover art of all time. Take a look for yourself…

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The tracklist was also released with Shadow Days being the first single to be released from the album (See below). You can catch a 60 second clip and the cover art for the track here at where Mayer seems to be spending most of his time at since leaving Twitter (please come back). From 60 seconds, it’s fantastic and I can’t wait for it’s full release. The vibe sounds like a track from Room for Squares. Taking a wild guess, from the cover art, the title Born and Raised and the impression of Shadow Days, it seems to me that John Mayer may just be taking a step forward by taking a step back. Going back to his roots basically (not that he left) but there was a more of his personality and emotion back then. Battle Studies was more about emotion.

Born and Raised Tracklist

1. Queen of California

2. The Age of Worry

3. Shadow Days

4. Speak for Me

5. Something Like Olivia

6. Born and Raised

7. If I Ever Get Around To Living

8. Love is a Verb

9.  Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

10. Whisky, Whisky, Whisky

11. A Face To Call Home

12. Born and Raised (Reprise)

With the release date set for the 22nd May 2012, I’m very much looking forward to it. John Mayer is just one of those artists who in my books, has never made a bad song, let alone bad album so I know we’re in for a real treat. Keep up the great work.