Staying in the line of fire with Kim Ha Neul (My Girlfriend is an Agent), I’ve finally dived into yet another Korean movie to help take that step further in foreign film.

Looking at a more recent take on Korea, 2011’s Blind is about Min Soo-ah who is a police cadet in training that gets involved in a serious car accident which kills her brother and causes her to go blind. Three years on, a serial killer is rampant in the city, kidnapping young women off of the streets. Luring Min Soo-ah into his car (pretending to be a cab driver), he thinks she is an easy target. After accidentally driving into another young woman, he shoves her into the trunk of his car. Not knowing exactly what went on, Min Soo-ah successfully escapes, but this leads to her mission to survive this murderer with the help of a very skeptical but enthusiastic police officer and a kid.

As a killer thriller type genre, it certainly sticks to its roots and gives that intense suspense, especially halfway through the film where Min Soo-ah is being guided but Kwon Gi-sub on the iphone to help her escape the infamous killer. Unfortunately, because this part is so intense and makes you hold your breath for her, you suddenly expect more moments like this throughout the rest of the film, but it fails to do that.

Usually in a thriller, I like my villains to be more mysterious and extra brutal (but that’s just my bloody preference) with the guessing game of who the killer actually is. With Blind, you automatically know who the murderer is but the reason why is sort of worked, with less mystery, was because poor Min Soo-as is blind, so the audience is seeing what she can’t and we build up this direct panic for her.

The great thing about the character of Min Soo-ah was that, even though she is blind, she’s had that police training so she knows all the ropes of self defense and is quite quick and smart too. She also uses her other senses (smell, touch, sound) to help solve who the killer is and to survive his threats. So although she’s a blind witness, she knows her stuff. Her crime solving partner, Detective Jo brings a little light heartedness to the film “trying to put the pieces together”.

Not adding much to the genre, Blind is a great thriller to enjoy without putting too much thought into it. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Blind (2011) Official Trailer