It’s here… the official Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer is finally here! We get a short glimpse of the newly vampified Cullen, Bella and the all grown up Renesmee. The trailer basically confirms what we all expected. The Volturi have found out the big secret and is out to seek revenge, but they have not only the Cullens to deal with, but also Jacob, his pack of wolves and the rest of the vampire family we’ve heard about who we saw for a very short time at the big wedding in part 1. I am most looking forward to seeing Bella in action, what will her powers be? How will she react to having the thirst for blood? If Renesmee grows everyday, when does she stop growing? If you haven’t read the book yet (like myself, oh the shame, I will get to it though) there will be more questions that will surely be answered.

Also, here are the official film posters too. Doesn’t Edward remind you of an Avatar? Look what James Cameron wasn’t far off then eh?