The heart and soul in the world of film, Michael Clarke Duncan, has sadly passed away today.

Aged 54, Duncan had been admitted to hospital in July following a severe cardiac arrest and had resided in intensive care going through treatment. Breaking the story, TMZ had reported that the Oscar-nominated star’s girlfriend of 2 years, Omarosa, 38, had performed a “heroic CPR and re-started” the actor’s heart at his LA home before being rushed to the hospital.

Duncan had appeared in many noticeable films and animations including Cats and Dogs, Planet of The Apes, The Scorpian King, Daredevil, Brother Bear, Kung Fu Panda and the list goes on. However with his impressive string of movies, the 6ft 5in, 300 pound star was mostly remembered for his iconic roles in Armageddon as “Bear” and his Oscar nominated role for his perfect, teary eyed performance in The Green Mile alongside Tom Hanks, based on the Stephen King novel.

Duncan will be missed extensively, not just for his work, but for the positive minded person he was an that great big smile.