With The Avengers becoming the third highest grossing film of all time (after James Cameron’s epic mouthfull of films), Marvel wasted no time in giving us more of what we want… a sweet sensation in our trousers.

As 2012 ends, we have 2013 to look forward to as Iron Man 3 is due for release in April/May, but for now, we have the first official trailer for the comic book superhero. From what is shown, you can certainly guess that Tony Stark is in for a right mess, and more than a few rough patches than usual. Iron Man’s usual director Jon Favreau isn’t in charge for this installment. Instead we have the screenwriter Shane Black in charge and it can be said that he has taken a more darker Christopher-Nolan-Dark-Knight-ish approach, but I’m sure it won’t be all too serious… this is Tony Stark we’re talking about but after all. Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce also lend a hand to add to the star studded cast.

Mouthwatering, eyepopping and wetting yourselves all over again, here is the first trailer… Brace yourselves!