Steven Spielberg is a director that never fails when it comes to doing what he does best, releasing “the epic” and leaving a very crucial stamp in the world of film. This time, he’s gone super huge with the story of Lincoln.

Without knowing whether the story takes on the whole lot of Lincoln’s life, including his assassination (we’ll just have you watch and see), what is clear is that the story focuses on the civil war in America and the struggles ‘Honest A’ has not only on the battlefield as they fight for the freedom of slaves, but also his own cabinet on the decision to abolish slavery.

Whether you are a fan of the president Abraham Lincoln or not, it’s very exciting to see a huge part history that really did change the world played out on the big screen by Acadamy Award winners Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and the superbly talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A very carefully thought out recipe which is surely not to disappoint.