Before reading any further, it should be noted that reviews of the Twilight Saga are usually the same, a biased view on how “crap” the film is as the reviewers are usually someone who hates the whole saga and never finds one ounce of goodness to say about the films. Not this review. As a huge fan of the Saga, this review is for the fans and how it fits in compared to the last four instalments.

Literally picking up from the moment Bella opens her new vamp-ish eyes in Breaking Dawn part 1, we get thrown into the life of a vampire. Usually with the other films, we see life from Bella’s point of view, so it only made sense to carry on, but it was quite refreshing to watch Bella in a different light. With the strength like Emmett, the speed of light, and more sound sensitive than Daredevil, Bella certainly kicks ass as a vampire. We get to see her in action that straight away, even a little snicker of the “new blood” senses. But after all of the excitement (and finding out what gift Bella has) the film focuses on the main subject of it all, Renesmee.

Being half human, half immortal (and how she literally grows everyday), this poses a threat from the Volturi because in their history, an “immortal child” has a lack of self control and could possibly reveal themselves and vampires to the humans. With this settled, Aro leads the Volturi to the Cullens to ultimately kill the child. The only way this could be solved is for the Volturi to realize that Renesmee is actually half and half so there is no threat. But obviously it’s not that simple.

Breaking Dawn part 2 is hands down the best film in the saga. Whether you’ve read the book or not (especially if you haven’t read the book) your mind will be blown with the twists and turns when it reaches the final showdown between the vampires/wolves and the Volturi in that beautiful snowy setting. “Epic Conclusion” is an understatement on how awesome and emotional it is. Its climax will have you rolling around, fall off your seat, screaming and shouting at the screen. With all of the questions raised through out the saga, they are all practically answered this time around, so no more cliff-hangers!

The humour really makes you chuckle quite a bit with most of it coming from Jacob (Taylor Lautner). From the moment Bella finds out Jacob has imprinted on her daughter, you know exactly who would be providing the laughter, not to mention all the new characters we get introduced to. There’s really a lot of fun and history between them.

Director Bill Condon did a fantastic job in bringing the book to life, onto the screen. He really does pull you in and makes you forget your surroundings when you’re watching it. It can be definitely said that Condon was thinking more about the female fans when it came to the anticipated Vampire sex scene. Usually an intimate scene like this, the shots would be all over the female participant, but this time he definitely gave the girls some Rob time (other directors, take note! Not all of the time we want to be watching a film from the male point of view).

The end credits were a lovely touch too, featuring everyone who has ever been in the Saga, from the smallest roll to the biggest, quite like a montage to yet another great soundtrack (Twilight never fails when it comes to the music whether you like the film or not)

Without revealing too much of the film, it really is an emotional ride, but it’s perfect as it is the last in the saga. There’s no doubt you will laugh, you will cry, but just like a real fairy tail, there is a happy ending.  It has all been leading up to this very moment.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer!