What happens when Barbra Streisand decide that she wants to play your mother in a film? Your first answer would probably be “oh my gosh am I a Focker?” In this case, you’re more of a Brewster… and you’re Seth Rogen.

The Guilt Trip is kind of like the road trip from hell for some people. It’s about an inventor (Rogen) who invites his mother (Streisand) on an 8 day, 3000 mile cross-country road trip as he tries to sell his new product. He also tries to reunite her with a long lost love interest… and the funny begins.

Streisand never fails to please me and nor does Rogen in that matter so to stick the two together as mother and son, it’s bound to bring a good load of laughs in the room. Very much looking forward to its release! Check out the trailer below…