uncharted 2

It seems after much debate and not much success with live action adaptations of video games, the universe has finally seen sense and is broadening their heights and opening their minds to the future of CG-animated adaptations. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, but now it’s becoming a tiny trend and hopefully more will follow.

The Resident Evil franchise should be very proud of them selves because their CG-animated movies are really good. You get so much more out of them and they follow the game franchise, literally, but not just by turning the game step by step into a film, but by becoming part of the game. For example, the most recent Resident Evil CG-A feature, Resident Evil: Damnation, takes place before the latest game, Resident Evil 6, where Leon S. Kennedy has to investigate the rumours of Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) and it also ties in with Ada Wong’s story which is a campaign to be unlocked in Resident Evil 6 once you’ve completed the other three. It’s quite like the Final Fantasy franchise. However, the live action films of Resident Evil don’t coincide with the video game at all, purely for the main reason that the main character Alice isn’t even a character in the game franchise and the main characters from the franchise are usually absent in the film. The films however are at an ok standard, but compared to the CG-A ones, they are quite a disappointment. The CG-A versions should definitely get more recognition.

2010 saw an ok attempt at turning Tekken into a live action flick, however there were many flaws with the characters, the absence of crucial characters from the video game and an ok story line. 2011 saw a better attempt at Tekken, however, it was a CG-A version. Tekken: Blood Vengeance had more potential and proves that the franchise could actually really go far in the world of CG-A.

The big news that has been announced in the past couple of weeks has been the release date for an animated Ratchet and Clank movie (2015) and the production of a Heavenly Sword CG-animated film. With this news, it only gives hope that more will follow in the foot steps of Rainmaker Entertainment and dish out some more of these exciting creations.


One film idea that has been in circulation since 2011 was the idea of an Uncharted film. To be honest, an Uncharted film would be “totes amazeballs” however, live action would simply spoil it. Nathan Drake is such an iconic character, quite like Lara Croft (and we all remember how that went down) it would be very hard to accept someone literally standing in for the actual character (and Nolan North). Rumours were floating around that Mark Wahlberg was the one to take on the role of Drake (as he is the action hero type). As much as Wahlberg is a fantastic actor in his own right, this role just isn’t for him. His personality and voice alone would cause problems with the role (and the fans of the franchise would give it a right slating… you know what we’re like). A new candidate has arrived on the scene recently in the name of Bradley Cooper. This makes much more sense in terms of physical appearance, personality etc and could possibly have a better hit with audiences (Angelina Jolie had the characteristics for Lara Croft, yet still the film was so-so). He also has the look of the bad boy-Brit Harry Flynn, so he could possibly just take any role (although he’d need to put on a strong “correct” Brit accent to pull it off). Yet still in this case, CG-animation would be perfect for Uncharted. We would have the original characters and a fun adventure. The video game series feels like a film anyways so why not just make it into a feature length film? It would just tick all the boxes you could think of and it’s the best option. Yes Please!

The future of CG-animated films are beginning to get a bit more recognition and by getting more people to spread the word, there’s more of a chance these flicks will at least get a theatrical release rather than just a straight to DVD and Blu Ray release.