Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan are evidently two of the most talented people to come out of Britain. Throwing them together in a film set in France, as a divorced couple is what helped the most to make The Love Punch work.

With their daughter moving out, off to university in Scotland, divorced couple Kate and Richard are brought together on a mission after their retirement money, savings for the kids etc is practically stolen from them by a rich French dude after he runs the company Richard works for into the ground (as per usual). So in return, Kate and Richard scheme to perform a Robin Hood scenario, to steal from the rich and give to the poor. With the help of Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall (who seems to know everyone) the awesome four travel to France where they put their action into motion to get back what is rightfully theirs.

It’s a typical British comedy in the sense of the humour, food, golf and script, and it’s very refreshing, sunny and bright (It’s not always dull and rainy in England). When the scenery switches to France, it does feel like a lovely holiday with the sun, sea, sandy beaches and fancy hotels. Thompson and Brosnan’s relationship is really funny, with little pinches of innuendos a happily divorced couple should have (if only all divorced couples where like that). They play the part really well and make fun with the situation at hand. Obviously there are a few emotions running high between the two but there’s the force of not wanting to look back to the past that sometimes pulls them apart (it’s not as vibrant and full paced as It’s Complicated). The constant reminder that their all past their 50’s and considered “old” adds to the humour especially when it comes to climbing, swimming, back pains and bunions.

With Thompson’s awkward, fast witted personality and Brosnan’s determined charm, The Love Punch is a very likeable comedy. A solid cast, an acceptable story and a bunch of great fun performances that will get you laughing.


3.5 out of 5 stars