With the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Warm Bodies still in our circulation, these rom-com-zombie flicks never get old. We all love a good zombie film and there will always be space in the universe to keep pushing them out even if their not as good as the king of zombie flicks, Shaun of the Dead.
Life After Beth is essentially, life after Beth. When Zach’s (Dane DeHaan) girlfriend Beth (Aubrey Plaza) basically dies shockingly and untimely, she is “resurrected” as her parents (Molly Shannon and John C. Reilly) describes it. Devastated by the death, Zach decides to take full advantage of his second chance at love with Beth doing all the things he didn’t get a chance to do with her, not realising she’s slowly becoming a full fledged zombie.

There’s not a lot you can do with a zombie film, but the best way is to pull a few laughs and Life After Beth does exactly that. This isn’t Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, but it does hold it’s ground to be quite entertaining. Plaza easily steals the show as Beth/zombie and played the part very well. Acting like a zombie may sound easy, but acting as a legit and convincing zombie is a whole new level and Plaza passed the test.
on the comedic side, its very funny, the characters bounce of each other very well including Anna Kendrick who plays a ditzy, hair flicking, old school friend with very nice skin and Zach’s over dramatic brother working for the law who just wants to shoot someone. The film does start to lose it’s touch a little when an outbreak of zombies start popping up everywhere in what seems to be a zombie apocalypse, but the flare of humour is still practical and keeps you in the loop.

Being chained to the oven with sunglasses on (definitely sounds like an Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg stunt) won’t hold this little rascal down. Life After Beth has brought some proper fun back to zombie films.

Star Ratings 3