Director: Corin Hardy
Starring: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet

After Annabelle: Creation, the hype was real, the wait since The Conjuring 2 was long but as this was the story of The Nun, I thought it was going to be worth the wait. Oh, how I was completely and utterly wrong.

The Conjuring series holds a special place in my heart, especially the first in the series. I love the Warrens played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga and who doesn’t love the creepy doll Annabelle?

After the first instalment of Annabelle, I was totally disappointed. It was bad, but you could still have a little fun with it. The story was good, and cinematography was great, but the direction was too predictable which really spoiled the film. We had a better comeback with The Conjuring 2 which wasn’t as good as the first Conjuring as I thought the Enfield story was just not as interesting, but they did make do with making a decent film out of it. Then came the brilliant prequel with Annabelle: Creation. I didn’t think the series could go back to being as bad as the first Annabelle. But after watching The Nun, I don’t really have much faith in the series anymore unless it’s being directed by James Wan or David F. Sandberg.

After a young nun takes her own life at the Abbey in Romania, a priest with a haunted past and young novitiate Sister Irene who is on the verge of her vows, are summoned by the Vatican to investigate the death. Risking their lives, their souls and their faith, they must confront the Nun, the malevolent force who was briefly seen in The Conjuring 2 haunting the mind of Lorraine Warren.

The Nun had so much potential, it had a great protagonist, a haunting villain who seemed like she would be the scariest thing ever witnessed, a fantastic connection to the Conjuring series, yet it failed in every single way. The fact that there weren’t many trailers and not much was shown in the trailer made me think that this was the film that would give me nightmares. Saying that, this film was so bad, I sat there lifeless and yawning in disappointment. Not even one jump scare got me.

Understandably, I get why the Nun is barely seen in the film. She’s supposed to be this thing that you’re terrified to see and seeing just a shadow, or her silhouette should make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, however, I didn’t get this feel at all, to the point where I wanted to see her because maybe the performance of the nun would be scary. But no, it was boring.

Based in the Abbey, tombstones, crosses everywhere, the Vatican being involved, and all that jazz are normally creepy stuff. Everything was essentially handed to them on a plate yet if felt like they decided to use the left overs in the fridge.

Performances from Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet were good, well as good as they could have been for the mess they were thrown into, but in all honestly, one of the best things about the Nun was Jonas Bloquet. He brought a little realism and charming humour to the film as an outsider. The other best thing was the final connection to the conjuring series which is revealed right at the end of the film.

It got to a point where I thought it was the final act and as you know from the Conjuring series they like to throw everything into the film at this point which was great and all, but the film was so slow and boring, I was hoping it would be finishing up… but it didn’t. Then when the final act finally happened, it felt like the director and writers etc really wasn’t taking this film seriously. It honestly felt like I was watching a Wayans production spoof of The Nun without the upfront humour. No spoilers, but the fact that someone had to “wield” the blood of Christ, I knew I was 100% finished with this film.

The Nun had so much potential, so much! But in the end, it was just cheap and unnecessarily evil. Bring on The Conjuring 3.