Director: Paul Feig
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding

It seems to be a rare occasion that Paul Feig disappoints me, and he knows how to direct women brilliantly. He’s fantastic at taking female leads and turning them into these strong, feisty, witty, sometimes psychotic women and it’s just totally awesome – showing so much love for Paul!

A Simple Favour is just another beauty to add to Feig’s trophy cabinet. A single mum/vlogger (Kendrick) becomes “best friends” with another mum (Lively) after their children arrange a play-date together however she’s the total opposite being glamorous with a highly demanding job and a writer for a husband. She suddenly goes missing after asking for a “simple favour” from Stephanie, so now it’s up to her to uncover the truth in Emily’s disappearance.

Films like this don’t come around often, but I tell you when they do, they definitely hit the right chords. The story of it all was fantastic, so great that I didn’t want it to end. It’s got the Gone Girl vibe where you really aren’t sure with what’s happened to Emily and you start second guessing everyone… literally. There’s never a boring moment and keeps you on edge with the mystery and the extraordinary humour. This film is hilarious in a dark way. Kudos to the script writers because there were so many one liners that were unmissable and just proper laugh out loud funny.

Speaking of one liners, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick were incredible. They bounced off each other so well and the lines they delivered were so on point, it was exciting. I seriously got hyped every time Lively was on screen because I couldn’t wait for another outrageous comment to come out of her mouth. Saying that her husband looked like a yeast infection wasn’t even half of it. It was like a Mrs Deadpool was in the house.

Kendrick always plays awkward so well that its believable every time and then she’ll have that 2 seconds of confidence and throws it in your face. She’s both ends of the spectrum easily. We even got a little Pitch Perfect moment thrown in. What was interesting was seeing her play a role where she wasn’t a teen/young adult. She plays a mum and it’s refreshing that she’s grown up.

Then there’s the charming Henry Golding (if you haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians yet, you should be ashamed!) with his sensual English accent that will get you believing anything he says. I’ve got the same issue going on with Chris Evan’s eyes with those long eye lashes. I’m weak, I know.

I have to make a little shout out to Ian Ho who played Lively and Golding’s son Henry. He was phenomenal and had jokes of his own. Like mother like son.

I must also mention the costume designs for Emily were stunning. It’s already a fact that Lively is stunning in a suit in real life, but honestly the suit choices in A Simple Favour were past stunning and she wore them like a beast. It also gave so much more to the character of Emily too, this very complex woman.

This has come under my “one of my favourite films of 2018” category. This was seriously good, not to be missed. A hilarious dark comedy with a mystery that keeps you guessing. Everything about this film was great and must be Paul Feig’s best. I really do hope Lively and Feig work together again soon. I’m impatiently looking forward to Last Christmas and The Heat 2.