Developer: Funcom

If you got excited about the brief moment we had with PT, then this will fill the void.

The Park takes you on a little journey through an abandoned amusement park during the night (obviously) as a mother looking for her child, only to discover her own personal horror.

In terms of gameplay, it’s very similar to PT. You walk around examining things, collecting a few items that may be needed later on and a lot of paper clippings, creepy dolls and so on which helps with the discovery of the main protagonists chilling life story. Most of the items aren’t majorly interesting and doesn’t give too much depth into the world or characters. But the great thing is that they’re not required to enjoy the great jumps scares in the park.

What I really enjoyed about The Park was that it’s only about 90 minutes long, so it’s a quick and easy chilled back game with not too much brain power. But saying this, there were some really great jump scares. I can totally say this game was quite creepy. The atmosphere, the creepy amusement park music, the really good sound effects and distortions were a joy to experience and really worked in making your heart race in this 90 minute experience. The deeper you go into the amusement park, the creepier it gets.

Sometimes I like playing games where again you don’t need too much brain power, is quite chilled back and relaxing because you just walk around, examine things or even just make a few decisions. As this is an amusement park, you obviously get to go on a few rides and what made it scarier was that you didn’t know what was going to happen and your control is taken away from you. You can just about move the camera around in certain directions but that was it. So it’s the uncertainty that will get you.

Although I quite enjoyed the rides as there were always some sort of pay off, there was one that I found super boring as there wasn’t much of a scare with it. This was the Hansel and Gretel boat ride. It was long, not scary and once you get on, you can’t get off. It was actually the first ride I had gone on so after it ended and there wasn’t much to it, I was disappointed. It did pay off in the end though as the last bits of the game were really scary.

The final act was not disappointing, so I felt quite accomplished after playing the game. You get a real understanding of the character and how The Park was built on personal experiences of being a mother one might have.

Although not original, it’s tense with really good scares and for a horror fan was really enjoyable. The idea of The Park is really great and is something I’d like to see improved upon in the future. Being short was also an added bonus.