Thanks to MCM Comic Con, I was lucky enough to attend a special screening for the new Netflix Horror series, The Haunting of Hill House.

Hosted at the Welsh Chapel in Shaftsbury Avenue, myself and Jacob from Snap It Mate were wined and dined at the stunning venue before being invited to the special screening of the first episode from the Gothic horror series followed by a Q&A with some of the cast members. This included Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Reaser, Kate Siegel and Oliver Jackson Cohen. Michiel Huisman did attend the beginning of the screening but was unfortunately not present for the Q&A.

The beginning of the evening was lovely and welcoming, not to mention quite eerie. The venue was kitted out with vintage furniture, a bit of mist and spooky lighting to really give that horror genre atmosphere. The staff members were very lovely and easy to speak to about the event. We were welcomed to an open bar with canapes and bowls on the way.


The drinks menu included the Hill House Cocktail (made with Cremè de violette, Maraschino Liqueur, lemon and Egg White), Mesta Tempranillo Red wine, Mesta Tempranillo White wine, Cava Perelada, Peroni, Coca Cola and a selection of juices.

The Canapes were quite exciting as the menu did have a lot of things I had never tried before. So as they say “When in Rome.” The menu included:

Fish Rubix – Mulled wine cured Scottish Salmon, Lemon crème fraiche, cucumber and dill
Wild Pigeon, confit onion and spiced pear Crostini
Foraged Wild mushroom bread and butter pudding, Parsnip mousse, micro herb’s
Comte creams – Comte shortbread with onion and spinach cream

Beef Bourguignon and Dauphinoise Potato
Heritage pumkin, Sage and Stilcheton Risotto, crispy sage and Red Endive

As we were socialising and admiring the awesome venue, as pairs or on our own, we were invited to visit the set that was recreated as one of the bedrooms from the series… or so we thought. In fact we were being set up for a right scare. Jacob went in first and I came in behind and as you would, we were very excited to see this bedroom and how creepy it looked. Not looking behind me, I heard him scream saying he saw someone’s head pop through the entrance. Me, trying to be the grown up in this situation was convinced it was my shadow he saw. He was very adamant that he saw something.


We then realised it was the person who had taken us to the room. So I started talking to him about Resident Evil 7 (as you do) and then Jacob screamed his head off and made me jump and scream as there was a woman all dressed in white and creepy make-up that popped out of the wardrobe and walked towards us with an evil look on her face. It was hilarious and a great touch to the evening. It was all staged and recorded so there should be a video floating around at some point soon. I kid you not… I kept thinking about it the rest of the evening laughing my head off. Even after the scare and we walked back downstairs to the reception, my legs felt weak because I was laughing so much – you know what I’m talking about.


After this very hilarious moment, we were taken into the screening, introduced to the cast members and watched the episode. You can read my ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ review here.

The Q&A followed after the screening so if you want an exclusive insight about the series, you can watch that right here. At the end, we were invited back downstairs to the open bar which was open for an additional 30 minutes but with the added bonus of Henry Thomas.


It was a fantastic evening and well put together. The venue, the food and the members of staff were just all brilliant and I’d like to say a massive thank you to MCM Comic Con and Netflix for making this happen.

The Haunting of Hill House starts on Netflix on Friday 12th October – you don’t want to miss it.

All photos at the Q&A were taken by Jacob from Snap it Mate.

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