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100 Facts About Me

Writing a proper profile with loads of paragraphs in a boring manner sounds a bit ancient and old school, so here’s my attempt at jotting down 100 facts about myself. Hopefully by the end of it (when I finally get to 100) I’ll be available to pop up in your homes as a Star Wars-esque hologram as your own personal film assistant (wouldn’t that be a blast?)


1. D.O.B – 01/09/1989

2. Gender – Female

3. Nationality – English

4. Ethnicity – Black, White, Native American

5. Siblings – 1 Brother (@ThatGuyJakey)

6. Pets – 1 Dog, Jack Russell called Minnie

7. Favourite food – Chinese and sandwiches

8. Favourite film – Dumb and Dumber

9. Favourite Animated film – Toy Story

10. Marvel or DC? – Marvel

11. Favourite TV Series – Prison Break

12. Playstation or Xbox? – Playstation

13. Favourite Horror franchise – Saw

14. Favourite Superhero – Captain America/Spiderman

15. Cinema Menu – Blue raspberry slushy and sweet popcorn

16. Favourite Music – Rock, Metal, Country, a bit of everything really

17.  Favourite Colours – Red, Green, Purple and Black

18. Favourite Sport – Football

19. Football Team I support – Arsenal

20. Favourite Football Player – Thierry Henry

21. Favourite Brand – Sony

22. Favourite video game – The Last of Us

23: Favourite Gaming company – Naughty Dog

24: Favourite X-Men – Ice Man

25: Super power – Ice

26: Twitter or Facebook – Twitter

27: Edward Cullen or Jacob Black – Edward

28: Favourite Instrument – Guitar

29: Favourite Car: Audi TT

30: Favourite Berry: Raspberry


2 thoughts on “100 Facts About Me

  1. OMG. I used to have a Jack Russell! I love them. I love country music AND … I once worked for AUDI. lol. It was cool meeting you today and eating MAN SIZED chocolate buttons…. See if you remember me. 😉

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