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Awesome scenes in film

Have you ever watched a film and really enjoyed a certain scene? Did it hit home real bad? Or just simply stood out for whatever reason? Well this page is dedicated to just that. A collection of my favourite scenes in film. (This page will always be updated)

As I’m writing this, I must say one actor in particular inspired me to start this page. Tom Hanks is one heck of an actor. He may have a whole house full of awards but there’s no need to count them all. What he can bring forward to a character and what he can do with a script is amazing. He makes it work, all the time. Hanks has done so much throughout his career and is continuing to do so.  I applaud and thank him for his cinematic greatness, which brings me to my next point.

To kick things off, one of my all time favourite scenes (and Tom Hanks moment) is the incredible walking piano scene from a film that I grew up with, the 1988 comedy Big. Composed by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia, they both create a jumpy, energetic scene playing “Heart and Soul” and “Chopsticks” on a huge piano on the floor in a toy shop, without any film tricks. It’s so much fun and an iconic moment that just catches my attention all the time. The way Hanks and Loggia are in sync and it’s not 100% perfect just adds to the experience. Who knew there could be so much acrobatics when playing the piano?


Dumb and Dumber must be in the Guinness book of world records for continuoulsy being the most hilarious film ever!… it’s not?… hmmm well anyways, Jim Carrey is ultimately the funniest person on the planet and my favourite comedian. Yes he was the king in the 90’s, then he had a little quiet spell but he did make a fantastic comeback with Bruce Almighty.

There is no doubt that as soon as you read the name “Dumb and Dumber”, you knew exactly where I was going with this. Art can be interpreted in so many different ways, in this case Dumb and Dumber is a sweet piece of art. So cleverly done in so many ways. Everyone involved with the film should be applauded. The jokes come left, right and centre from start to finish and there are so many scenes (the whole film practically) that stands out, however I can only insert one.

I think everyone (even those crazy enough to have not seen the film) knows about Mockingbird. Whoever came up with the scene should win a lifetime achievement award. It’s so iconic and it’s a scene we’ve all acted out at some point in our lives. I’ve played the part of Lloyd too many times with my brother and even on the bus with one of my best mates to Oxford Circus (she knows who she is *wink*). This scene is more than just humour, it unifies togetherness, if we sat all the world leaders together in a room and played this scene, I’m sure it would bring world peace. Ok maybe it’s slightly a bit too much, but I’m sure with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels’ execution of the scene, David Cameron would think twice on some of his decisions at least. Prepare yourself for the definition of awesome (I made sure I got a clip that included the most annoying sound in the world).


Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are considered as well presented, respectable Brits. The definition of a gentleman perhaps? But when it came to Bridget Jones’s Diary, it can be said that their pride, dignity and all of the above went flying out of the window… literally. Then, they did it again for Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. Presenting a double wammy because of the similarities and the fact that it’s a box set, this will be a fairly shorter entry.

By now, you should know that I love a good laugh and this certainly gets me going. Daniel Clever and Mark Darcy engaging in what I like to call a hilarious “man fight” in BJD is one of my favorites, not because it’s Firth and Grant, but because of it’s realism. It’s not your typical action hero, you punch here and I’ll duck here fight. BJ The Edge of Reason was even better! Structured the same way with Mark’s traditional line “would you step outside please”, Daniel knows, the audience knows, everyone knows what is about to go down. I’ve wrote more about the fights in my other post you can access here. For now, enjoy a class act.


No matter what anyone says, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has chemistry. Whether at the time it was real or just fantastic acting skills, it worked either way. Mr and Mrs Smith is a brilliant film. It’s one of those ones you can’t get bored of and when you haven’t watched it in a while, it’s even better. There were obviously many quirks everywhere that were hugely enjoyable, but the scene that excites me the most (and when it’s over I just can’t help but hit that rewind button) is the fight scene in their house after they are 100% certain that they are out to kill each other.Mr and Mr Smith

It’s not just any fight scene. The way they use the house to damage each other and the script surrounding it is just hilarious and pure genius. We get to see Jolie doing what she does best with huge guns and Pitt, well he’s running to save his life, chucking out lines to tease her aggressive behaviour. After the mini gas explosion in the kitchen, this where the fun begins. As soon as the music kicks in “Express yourself”, Pitt also kicks in literally through the fire after Jolie. The song has become iconic for this scene. If it’s playing, the first thought I have is Mr and Mrs Smith. The fight is pretty brutal too. There’s no holding back, no holds barred. Jolie get’s thrown all over the place, but so does Pitt and they do get into some very intimate positioning. It’s a 50/50 match which is really interesting (I promise I won’t go into Laura Mulvey’s theory). They both really do dish out what they receive.


Chaplin is one of my all time favourite movies. I can not describe how many times I’ve watched it (the VHS really did burn out) and it’s just impossible for me to describe my love for it. Having said this, this film also introduced me to one of my all time favourite actors, Robert Downey Jr. He is truely one of the most talented actors in the history of film. The word ‘Talented’ isn’t even a big enough word. I feel sorry for my mum who had to put up with words “Chaplin” and “Robert Downey Jr” day in and day out… sorry!

ChaplinThe original Chaplin created a very famous scene that I’m sure everyone who’s heard of Chaplin has seen at least once in their lives. I’m talking about the table ballet with the dinner rolls. Downey Jr recreated this scene that gave off the same reaction as if it were the real Chaplin, a little chuckle. I think if someone didn’t feel as if Downey Jr was Chaplin from the moment he entered the film, (you must not have been paying attention) then this scene absolutely does the trick. In a way it does build a mini climax. This scene also shows the tension between Hoover and Chaplin. You can feel Hoover’s dislike of the comedian and it’s just the beginning of a long, personal war. All I know is that my bread rolls have never been the same.


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