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Square Enix Announces Marvel Partnership


Behold! Marvel have finally grown some balls and are now grabbing them to get serious about producing AAA games.

Square Enix has announced a multi-game partnership with Marvel. To top it off, Crystal Dynamics will be working in collaboration with Eidos Montreal to produce ‘The Avengers Project’ which is the working title for the first game to be born out of this newly announced partnership.

Square Enix are highly known for the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchise, Crystal Dynamics brought us Tomb Raider and Edios Montreal gave us Deus Ex so, it’s a very good place to be at.

Marvel had made some attempts in the past to create console games but they never really did hit the bar, so they moved their focus to mobile gaming. But now with Marvel Studios dominating the silver screens and TellTale Games producing a Guardians of the Galaxy game, it really is about time Marvel stepped up to the plate and give us gamers what we really want.

All details are very vague at this point, but it’s been announced… let’s celebrate!



He’s more than just a Shield – Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review


It’s been 3 years since Captain America had his own stand alone film, but 2 years since we last saw him at full flight action in New York. Still trying to adjust to the modern day lifestyle (he’s getting there) He’s back for another round of thrilling fight sequences with his metal boomerang-like/Frisbee of death. Teaming up with Nick Fury, Black Widow, and newbie the Falcon, Steve Rogers is indirectly signed up for another mission to save the world. The only question is who can he trust?

The First Avenger was more of a WWII flick, being based around the serge of Hydra, Red Skull and a sort of Nazi cult. This time around, The Winter Soldier lies more in the political thriller genre. Captain America is on a mission to find the ins and outs of a corrupted S.H.I.E.L.D and to get to the core of what’s going on with this secretive and shadowy organisation. On the other hand, a new villain has popped out of no where that seems to have a grudge with the Capt. and is determined to destroy each of the targets set for him. This guy goes by the name of The Winter Soldier.


The Winter Soldier is one to enjoy. He’s like the Terminator combined with the T-1000, a very interesting character. He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s everything Steve Rogers is except his determination to kill is outrageous and he won’t stop coming for you. Nothing can get in his way. Adding insult to injury and by injury it’s more like destruction, his bionic arm is unstoppable. This is where one could say that Captain America has met his match. There’s just no one on the planet (at this moment in time) like him.

Unlike the first, Captain America gets a right beating in this one. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo really threw him in the deep end with this more mature feature. What’s great about it is that we get to see the Capt. fight without the shield constantly being there. Even though his shield is awesome yet deadly (and there’s a lot of scenes where it comes in very handy) Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan plus the stunt men, give us very entertaining, edge of your seat, nail biting hand to hand combat sequences where the punches are felt and the ground shakes when their bodies connect with the ground (or a vehicle). It’s fantastic! They’re quick yet lengthy and will give you the feeling that you want to duck and dodge with them, especially in 3D.

Still charming, with his old school mannerisms, Chris Evans has definitely put his mark on Captain America, the same sort of way Robert Downey Jr did with Iron Man. He may be the dreamy, hunky, blonde-hair-blue-eyed super soldier (his physique and physical fitness is outstanding), but under it all, he’s still the little guy with a huge heart. There’s always that constant reminder that he’s not just the guy with a shield prancing around with stars and stripes. He’s still Steve Rogers from Brooklyn that got beat up in that alley. If you didn’t fall in love with him in The First Avenger, there’s no doubt you will this time around, oh yes.


As a perfect partner-in-crime and “bud”, The Falcon plays a great helping hand. Anthony Mackie was the perfect selection for this very likable character. He’s strong, smart, witty, stealing most of the funny lines and sarcasm is one of the first things to leave his lips. Speaking of sarcasm, Black Widow is awesome. Scarlett Johansson brings the feisty Natasha Romanoff that we all love back to our screens, with more screen time. Her relationship with Rogers is brilliant. At times you may want it to get romantic but really they work better as a brother and sister combo (as Evans and Johansson kind of are). There’s also that little itch that this could be the time to give Widow her own film, possibly. Both the Falcon and Black Widow do work well in harmony with the captain, which makes it even better!

Other than the suit, this film does connect very well with The First Avenger. So it’s perfectly fine to watch The First Avenger, then Avengers Assemble and now The Winter Soldier. Against the other films from phase 1 and 2, this holds its ground, firmly. The story is amazing, the fight scenes are steady, and everything pitched in together has made a brilliant film. The only question raised is, bearing in mind this is the Marvel universe, and all of this happens in Washington D.C, didn’t Tony Stark hear anything about this? Stark Industries plays quite a big part in the plot, so… where’s Tony? The most you get out of it is a glimpse of the Stark Tower.

To end this awesome film off, the post credit scene is definitely one to look out for (and the other post credit scene literally after ALL of the credits) setting up the fire for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Captain America is easily one of the most intriguing characters from the Avengers, but if you weren’t sold from The First Avenger, I kid you not; this will make you want to be his sidekick.

4.5 Stars out of 5

Exclusive First Official Trailer – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 00.53.49


It’s here!… It’s finally here! Marvel has been very kind to us this week, giving us teaser after teaser after teaser. Official posters are great to wet the old taste bud, but if you really want to drool, just watch the trailer below. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has a trailer! It’s the first trailer, but it definitely has a few explosive moments. A fantastic trailer to get excited about with an ending that’ll make you say “O…M…G did that just happen?”. There’s just not much more that can be said, check out the trailer and indulge yourself with his new uniform.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is due for release 4th April 2014.

First Official Poster – Captain America: The Winter Soldier Revealed!

With the release of Thor: The Dark World on the 30th October, Marvel has again managed to prescribe another dosage of awesomeness. We now have the first official poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Releasing 4th April 2014, the poster also gives us a little glimpse at the Helicarrier which was featured in the Avengers Assemble, a very important piece of equipment. Can you smell SHEILD?




If that’s not enough Marvel for you, go and download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes demo on PSN which is available now. IGN gave it a gracious 9.0 for their review which you can access here.