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My Top 10 Horror Movie Survival Items



It’s that crazy time of the year again… Halloween!

Halloween brings so much joy to me every year as it means horror films galore. Whether it’s dreadfully awful or pretty decent enough to make me jump a few times, being a gore film fan, I simply couldn’t ask for more.

This year, Man Crates had challenged me to come up with the tools that I would need to survive all the way to the end of a horror movie. Sounds simple right? It’s actually much more difficult when thinking about it because of the different types of horror films and the different enemies you could encounter… Zombies, Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves, Psychopaths and so on. Based on this, I was inspired to post my Top 10 items to survive across all horror films.


Man Crates is an awesome new company that specializes in unique gifts for men (although I’d be sure to get one for myself as I’m that type of girl). The themed gifts basically arrive in a crate that need to be opened with an actual crowbar! How cool is that? You can grasp an idea of the themed crates for men here.



Here are my Top 10 survival items to make it to the end of a horror flick…

1. A massive knife (e.g machete)

2. Iodine tablets for water sterilisation

3. First Aid Kit

4. Torch

5. Rope

6. High energy foods (e.g energy drinks and bars)

7. Bolt Cutters (to cut through locks and everything else)

8. Matches

9. Mirror (handy for seeing around corners etc and as a distraction reflecting the light)

10. Alcohol (to also help with any wounds, don’t drink it all!)

What would be in your top 10?  


The Evil Within – Impressions (PS3)


Forget about scares that will make you jump because The Evil Within is a combination of all the fears and dreadful sights that you always pray you’ll never have to experience. This isn’t Resident Evil, and it’s not for the light hearted.

The story follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos, a detective called in to investigate a collection of terrible murders at a local mental hospital. From this the game take a quite calm approach gearing you up for what’s installed in this horrific peice of gaming. In terms of the story, it lacks quite a lot, especially with the main protagonist being quite boring, emotionless and more stiff than a plank of wood, however the environment and disgraceful enemies you have to endure makes up a lot for the negatives. Castellanos isn’t the character you have fun playing with as you do with say Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield, but the creators have really made The Evil Within into a proper survival horror game.

ew 2
The story does go into a good direction but it does take a little while to do so. In terms of managing Castellanos, you barely get any ammo, your health is dreadful, your stamina is no where to be seen, your melee attack is like a punch in the wind so you barely have much to help you survive, but there’s always a way to get around surviving and that’s what makes this game so much fun. Yes it gets annoying at times because we’re so used to having the luxuries of a full clip of ammo in our guns however, it makes you appreciate stealthing and just running for your life when the opportunity arises. Being patient and cautious are two of the best traits you need to have in this game to help you survive.
Visually, the game gives this chilling and scary effect with the lighting, the shadows, the environment and even the fact that it’s filmed in widescreen with a grainy effect, picking out all of the gorey bloodshed that you encounter. The only issue that was found was the way the environment would essentially have to “load” sometimes. It will look all blurry and thencome into focus to pick out the detail. For a game that’s on the next gen consoles, this shouldn’t really be happening.
In all, it’s a great game and definitley takes the horror genre in gaming to the next level. A few hiccups here and there and a bunch of gracefully disgusting enemies and bosses to defeat that will make you feel un-easy at times. The loading times and auto-save spots also gets a little frustrating sometimes. Hopefully this is just a taster of what’s in-store for the next Resident Evil game.




Star Ratings 3




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A Brutal Eye Opener: Lone Survivor Review


Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor has been brought down to probably its simplest form. Lacking character development and a huge script, this is actually what makes this film work. Focusing more on the story of what happened to these men is literally what audiences are getting, and it’s brilliant.

Based on the true story/best selling novel, Lone Survivor follows 4 young NAVY seals on a covert mission to assassinate a Taliban leader, but is ambushed in the mountains of Afghanistan. With no communication to their base and lack of knowledge about the area, they face the challenge of being outgunned by what appears to be an army who isn’t afraid to die for their country/leader.

Without being distracted by a huge budget and becoming mainstream, Berg really does capture the heroism of the NAVY seals and puts the audience in a position where you feel what they feel. It’s actually quite the emotional ride. Adding a great cast consisting of Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch, you kind of forget about who these actors are. Hidden behind a mass of facial hair, their performances as the brave seals were fantastic. As mentioned before, there’s not much character development but with this, it wasn’t needed. You still end up caring a hell of a lot for these guys. No one outshines another; it’s more of a team effort. Although Ben Foster does deliver a fantastic line that really was the mood of the film… “You die for your country, I live for mine”.

Berg really gives the characters a bashing. Throwing rocks at them, falling from and through the rocky mountains, getting shot in all different places… It really does get brutal. The injuries are really bloody and one can only imagine that this is what it really was like at the time. In certain instances, it felt like a Call of Duty game, from the first-person shooter angle, to the wave of bullets fired non-stop.

The simplicity of Lone Survivor is really its strong point. It’s just a simple story about surviving without anything overshadowing its purpose. It could almost be a documentary from their point of view. Lone Survivor is a very strong and powerful film with lot of action, frightening in areas and a great pace without the huge Hollywood sign behind it. It’s the one to watch.

 4 out of 5 Stars

The Last of Us – First Impressions


Releasing next month, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us looked and sounded very promising after their fantastic run (and currently running) Uncharted series. Only just being fully completed about a week ago, I managed to attend a special event where I got to get my hands on the pre alpha version of the long awaited title.

The most important aspect of the game is the actually game play. The controls are very easy to understand and are quite similar to Uncharted, but whether or not you’re familiar with the Uncharted series or not, the ease of the controls will allow you to just fall into place and feel comfortable whilst playing.

Joel is a very lovely character to play with. His movements are very free flowing quite like Nathan Drake (Uncharted) but you also feel the weight of Joel in his movements. He’s not a light weight character like most game characters. This adds depth to the game play, especially when it comes to the hand to hand combat.

the-last-of-us 2

The hand to hand combat is one of my favourite features to the game play. It’s brutal, with realistic elements to the way he punches and takes the enemy to the floor and beats the crap out of them. The intensity within his fighting style feels very realistic, pulling you into the game’s atmosphere and is great fun. Also his crouching state is very reliable and easy to handle (unlike the crouching style in Tomb Raider), it’s very smooth.

As it is quite the survival horror type game, there is obviously a lack of bullets; they are very limited so it’s best to just use them when it’s absolutely needed. However, the game does give you many opportunities to use objects as weapons and to also combine two or more objects to make a stronger weapon. E.g. a wooden stick, some tape and a pair of scissors. Also Joel has the skill to detect enemies behind the wall, which helps a lot when wanting to save your bullets and just stealth the enemy, (Playing out stealth attacks are also very smooth and enjoyable when done correctly) so this definitely makes up for the shortage of bullets. The gun play is very sturdy and not all over the place, so you get a good hand on your gun whilst aiming. Also the camera movements are more realistic with the character. It’s much like looking through Joel’s eyes to play the game, even though it’s third person. One example is when Joel is moving backwards, usually a character would turn around, but Joel actually walks backwards, which adds to the intensity o the game especially in combat and there is someone behind you.

thelastofus 3

The AI’s are not scripted so their reactions are different in each scenario, but they are very brutal, especially the Clickers. The Clickers are much more of a handful than the infected people and there are basically two ways to kill them. Ellie is also a great companion. She doesn’t get in the way and she really does help you out. Overall, the game play is very clever and makes you think your way out of situations, it’s very technical so you can’t rush your way through. Patience goes a long way.

The graphics and visual effects are amazingly brilliant. There is a lot of fine, technical detail in the characters and the environment, for example, when moving through the grass, it moves and sways the way grass should. A very simple, but interesting finding was the way that Joel puts his gun away and you would actually see it in his back pocket whereas in other games, it would disappear in certain positions, and then reappear.

Overall it was a very exciting, action packed game that relies on patience, skill and applying yourself to the situation. It may be tricky, but the ease of the controls and lack of disturbance from Ellie makes life a bit more easy and the game more enjoyable, even when the deadly Clickers are at large.

There hasn’t been much news on the multiplayer aspect of The Last of Us as of yet, however, there has been a strong rumour floating around that it will involve the co-op feature online and offline, but with the release date vastly approaching, there is a lot of certainty that more information about the multiplayer will be revealed.

A well worthy game to be played and so far, the results are very pleasing. Pure awesomeness.